I want to understand my partner, and I want my partner to understand me.

Working families are under unique stress while trying to balance career, family, and responsibilities.

Sometimes the relationship is forced on the back burner, and both partners feel unappreciated and distant. Resentment overshadows previous positive feelings. The fights never appear resolved. An insurmountable wedge may appear.

Just as you grow and evolve as humans, you can grow and evolve as a couple. Let’s work together to reset priorities, improve communication, and restore intimacy.

Counseling can help determine not who is necessarily right, but what is right for you as a couple.

Apprehensive about Couples Counseling?

Couples Counseling is not just for married people, but for anyone in any stage of their relationship. Our friends may have our best interests at heart, and with that, our friends’ views may be clouded by their loyalty to one partner or even their own romantic experiences. In Couples Counseling, I am trained to be neutral and to engage both partners. If one person feels favored, then I have essentially lost the other partner.

Sometimes in Couples Counseling work, one person wants out of the relationship while the other wants to work it out. This is often referred to as Mixed Agenda Couples. Couples Counseling can still be very helpful as it allows a couple to clarify and gain insight on their feelings and relationship. Couples Counseling can benefit couples even after a divorce is finalized by improving communication, establishing boundaries, and solidifying co-parenting.


Living Well Therapy, we all deserve to live our best life. Let me help you invite peace, balance, and joy back into your journey.