Do you feel like you have lost yourself?

You did everything you were supposed to. Get an education, get a good job, start a family, work out 3 times a week, but you still are not happy.

 You got that promotion but you are more stressed than ever. You feel unappreciated at work and at home.

Another meeting, another late night at the office.  Another work out missed; you wonder if you will see your abs ever again.

Just when you think you are doing ok, you pull up at light next to that brand new Tesla.

You love your family, and you work very hard to provide for them. Though, this means sometimes you don’t have the time for them. You want to be there. Your partner is getting pissed, but doesn’t realize how much you already do.

 You can’t seem to disconnect, yet you feel so disconnected.

You are so on edge that to you don’t know how to have fun anymore.

 When you collapse into bed in pure exhaustion, you can’t fall asleep!

The glass of wine (or more, no judgement here) and meditation app are no longer cutting it. Everyone and even their dog has been to therapy. Yet you are hanging by a thread trying to slug it out alone.

I get it, and I have been there running my own 3 ring circus between, work, family, and responsibilities. Sometimes balance is not about figuring out how to have it all. Sometimes we need help to make life meaningful again. Let’s begin your journey towards finding yourself again.

Chronic Stress, & Anxiety

What is anxiety? How is anxiety different than stress? What are some symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural phenomenon and our body’s survival mechanism.  Without anxiety, people would have no fear and engage in dangerous behaviors such as jumping off a cliff. Fear is what warns people of threat and helps us avoid danger. Experiences like trauma and/or chronic stress can cause our mind and body to be in a hyper alert state without the presence of an actual danger resulting in anxiety. It is normal to experience occasional anxiety when we are going through a tough time. However, constant worry will activate the brain to work like a real threat is present. Anxiety disorders differ from everyday stress and can interfere with our overall functioning socially, in relationships, and/or occupationally.  Anxiety disorders are constant and irrational worry that seems to take over our lives. It can prevent us from sleeping, disrupt our eating habits, and lead us to avoid people or going outside.

How can a therapist help me with my anxiety and stress? How is seeing a therapist different to talking to a friend?

The two most effective and front line treatments for anxiety disorders are therapy and medications. Medications can be very helpful, but they have side-effects and potential dependence. The risks of therapy are minimal, and the effects can last a lifetime while the efficacy of medications may only last as long as they are taken.  Friends are wonderful to have as our support network, but a therapist is much more. I completed years of training on diagnosing problems and providing empirically proven interventions. In our session, my attention is dedicated to you and helping you gain insight into your life through asking the right questions. I am non-judgmental, and will collaborate with you on a treatment plan that specially works for you. I am bound by law to be confidential and serve your best interests.

Living Well Therapy, we all deserve to live our best life. Let me help you invite peace, balance, and joy back into your journey.